Wednesday, March 24, 2010

News from around the South Jersey Shore

This is the time of year when I stop talking about all my shore-related ventures because of work. Example: recent news of a plan to start building smaller, boutique casinos in Atlantic City. I'm writing about a key player in that movement, so I can't tell you my opinion. But I'm sure you'll form your own.


Did you know you can report your shore bird sightings? You can!

Watch your copper, people...

...and your empty shore homes.

And's time to secure your summer group rental. And I only say this because craigslist ads putting out the word for roommates have been filtering into my inbox through Google Alerts. This is my favorite so far. Hook it up!!!

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1 comment:

Jen A. Miller said...

To the anonymous commenter:

I did not approve your post because you presented as fact something that, from my research, is not true. That comment here could affect my work if someone involved in the situation saw it. Otherwise, I'd have let it ride, but I can't in this case.

Also, you mentioned that vile show. It has no place on this blog.