Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Survey Says: What should be in the iPhone app?

Thank you to everyone who's already sent in pictures. You guys are amazing. And who knew I had readers in Oklahoma and Texas? Keep 'em coming!

So I'm here to ask another question, though it doesn't require you to do anything other than write about a few of your favorite things:

What are things that I MUST include in the iPhone app? The things that, if I don't include them, you'll want to write me a slightly snarky letter?

Two qualifiers:

1. I've been given 300 entries to cover the entire Jersey Shore, so I might not be able to include every suggestion. But the best part about the iPhone app is that it WILL expand after its initial release, so I can keep what doesn't make the first cut on file for round two.

2. The app will cover things to do, places to eat, etc. I'm NOT listing hotels, motels, B&Bs, or experiences like "go this street of this beach because beach tag checkers don't go there." **UPDATE** It also won't list information like who requires what beach tag, and what towns have free parking. That's where the app is different than a guide book.

So what have you got? Drop your suggestions in the comments, or email me at jenmiller27 [at] gmail.com.

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Anonymous said...

Smitty's Clam bar on the Bay in Somer's pt. Only open in the summer, sit on the outside counter watching the boats, the OC 9th st bridge,the bay, eating fresh inexpensive fish, clams and chowders. Always packed with people from OC, Somer's point ventnor and margat, eveybody from tourists to fisherman to guys working. Busiest place in Avalon, Circle Pizza after the bars close, place to see and be seen Wawa!

Anonymous said...

Voltaco's in Ocean City. Basically the only food place worth mentioning in OC (outside Mack and Mancos). Best Hoagies, Cheesesteaks and Chicken Cheesesteaks at the shore. Unfortunately- no seating, take out only and cash only.