Wednesday, March 24, 2010

White Heron?

Remember Friday's dust up about Blackfish/Whitefish in Stone Harbor, where I was assured Blackfish would re-open this summer?

This photo says otherwise. If it is re-opening, it won't be in the same building.

Ann Delaney snapped a picture of the restaurant that was once Henny's, then Blackfish, and now, apparently, White Heron Grill. A tipster also pointed out that the domains for and are owned by the same person.

What's that you hear? The sound of me throwing my hands up in the air. I give up. I've shuttled these tips (which I've sat on for a bit - I saw the Blackfish marquee and signs down on Saturday) to a newspaper reporter who covers the industry. I've got my hands full with assignments about Atlantic City and can only handle dealing with one nutty industry at a time.

When that newspaper story appears, I'll share the link.

**UPDATE** And here it is.

Also in that post is information about a change at the Princeton. Can we stop trying to class up the joint, guys? You did the reno. Congrats. It's pretty. But you're a shore bar. A beyond-packed-and-charge-cover-and-too-much-for-Miller-Lite-but-get-away-with-it-because-its-tradition shore bar. You have a great shore bar menu. So why muck it up?

Another note (and this one's mine): a new restaurant called the Diving Horse will be opening at 21st and Dune in Avalon this summer. It's by the same guys who run Pub & Kitchen in Philadelphia. As always, more details when I have them...

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Anonymous said...

Went to White Heron on Saturday 4/2, What a mess!! I ordered the rice balls, pulled pork sliders, calamari, and a salad. 40 minutes later no food?? There were 3 tables at the bistro bar. The waitress apologized and said the kitchen is trying to get it together, the other table left. When the calamari came it was uncooked? How is this possible? Herd Kipper the chef already left, do bother going to this place