Wednesday, December 1, 2010

All roads lead down the shore

If you listen to NPR's Marketplace Money show, you'd have heard Saturday's edition, which was all about the history of healthcare and its roots in Philadelphia (if you don't listen, subscribe to the podcast. It's free and invaluable).

One of the reports, which you can hear here, is about Philip Physick, a Philadelphia doctor who is called the "Father of American Surgery" (click on the "Surgical Ampitheatre icon).

Name sound familiar? It should. His grandson, Emlen Physick, built the Emlen Physick Estate in Cape May. Emlen was also a doctor but, after graduating with his medical degree, promptly moved down the shore for good. If I remember correctly from my Physick Estate tour, he didn't practice medicine in town.

Atlantic City also got a shout out in this report about the history of annual physical, which took a stop at an AMA conference in Atlantic City in 1900.

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