Thursday, December 16, 2010

Update AGAIN: Keystone Cops in Wildwood & Sea Isle

This just keeps getting more interesting.

Ralph Grassi from emailed me about the Keystone Cop that I said was from Fun City in Sea Isle (RIP) but I was then told was a Keystone Cop from Hunt's Pier in Wildwood (also RIP).

Well, apparently both are true. Says Ralph: "You're right about Fun City in Sea Isle once having Keystone Kop figures. I too remember them being there. Years ago on one of my visits to Fun City I saw they had been removed. I asked an employee as to their whereabouts and that I was interested because I knew that the Keystone Kops had originated in the Wildwoods. He went on to tell me that Fun City's Keystone Kop figures had indeed come from Wildwood but wasn't sure what happened to them once they were removed. As fate would have it years later I salvaged many of the Keystone Kop figures and other props from that ride. In fact I restored and donated the two that are now in our Wildwood Museum."

He also makes minis of the Keystone Cops. He's got buckets more information on Wildwood, including photos of the Golden Nugget teardown. Hard to believe that was almost two years ago.

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