Tuesday, December 7, 2010

News from Around the South Jersey Shore

Yes, Strathmere is STILL trying to secede from Upper Township.

More on the state's plan to take over part of Atlantic City :::shakes head:::

Will they do something about stuff like this? The Garden Pier, which is home to the Atlantic City Arts Center and Atlantic City History Museum, has been deemed unsafe. If I were a betting woman - which I'm not - I'd be on "no."

Really interesting piece on tear downs - the practice of tearing down an old shore house to build up something that I'd call "monstrous" in its place.

Tony Luke's finally opened in Wildwood Crest (yes, the sign said that it would be coming in summer 2010. Whoops).

Shesh, I'm not finding much nice stuff today: more flat screen TV burglaries from shore homes, this time in Ocean City.

Don't worry, folks. It's still Hoy's, no matter what the sign says.

And a dolphin died in Stone Harbor?! I give up.

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