Friday, December 9, 2011

And the decade is...

...the 1950s! Ann Delaney and Anonymous, step on up for your prize of...well, a thank you and a congrats :-)

Since I'm feeling a little retro and it's chilly outside, how about a holiday tune from THE BEST SINGING GROUP EVER?!?!

Love the Ray Conniff Singers. Funny thing is? I'd never seen a video of them singing before. And this is exactly how I pictured them to be, right on down to the cardigans.

Thank you, internet. Thank you.

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Jennybean14 said...

So someone else knows who the Ray Conniff singers are!! LOVE it. My parents played all their Christmas albums when I was a kid. Now I can't imagine not hearing them in my own house. They are so corny, but I love it. Brings back so many good memories!! Thanks for posting!!

Ann Delaney said...

Thanks! Loved the video, too. Merry Christmas, Jen.