Thursday, December 1, 2011

Here Piggy Piggy

So I cut off my hair. For a good reason - I said goodbye to my mermaid waves.

I tweeted this photo, but people had less to say about the hair than about the four blue pigs you see in the background.

That narrow closet is my new running wall - medals and a bag from the Philly Marathon are hung from the wall. The pigs are part of it. They're Blue Pigs that I bought at Congress Hall in Cape May - one for every year I've run the Ocean Drive 10 Miler.

The 2008 Ocean Drive 10 was my first long distance race ever. I was so dazed and thrilled after the race, that I bought a Blue Pig and wrote my time on its tag.

In the 2009 race, I dropped more than 15 minutes off my time. So of course, I had to buy another pig and do the same thing.

2010? Not so great. I'd been training for a marathon and had to drop out because of a hip injury right around the time of the OD10. I was tempted to just say screw it and run the full marathon that is part of this race weekend, but common sense said I'd probably hurt myself. Still, I ran the OD10, and of course, got a pig despite some controversy.

By 2011, I had a streak going, so of course I ran the race again despite that medal incident from the year before. I ran seven races in 11 weeks, and this was one of them. No picture of a pig in my post about it, but there is a picture of my dog (who just turned 10, by the way).

Which brings me to the 2012 race. I will NOT be running the OD10 next year. Instead? I'll be doing the full marathon.

Maybe I'll have to buy two pigs to honor the occasion.

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John T. said...

Nice hair cut! Jen, how bad has the wind been when you have done the 10 milers the last few years? I'm thinking about doing this marathon,(Also looking at Boston, but bib has fundraising strings attached) but the possible ocean winds make me nervous. thanks

joyRuN said...

The full is DEFINITELY two-piggy worthy. I'm hoping the weather will be as awesome as the last one.

kcav said...

I'm running the 10 miler again in 2012, regardless of whether there is a medal or not. I do remember telling my wife to remind me to never sign up for this marathon after finishing the 10 miler a few years ago. Weather is too unpredictable for me.

Jen A. Miller said...

Yeah, it's not the lack of the medal that bothered me, but that the race director lied about it, and then sent me a nasty gram when I showed him that he was lying. But it's the most convenient marathon in NJ for me to run since the NJ Marathon is on the same day as Broad Street. Atlantic City and Asbury Park are a bit too early in the fall for me.