Monday, December 26, 2011

Ho ho ho

Before heading to Rhode Island, we did a quick trip to Cape May to wrap up holiday shopping. We stayed at the Victorian Motel. I'd never stayed there before, but it's located right behind Congress Hall so I've seen it. Not bad - very serviceable and clean motel close to the center of everything.

We got into town verrrrry late on Friday night, and in the off season, our options were limited, so we hit the Ugly Mug for some bar food, and then the Brown Room at Congress Hall for a post dinner drink. I snapped this photo on our way out:


The next day, we did a 10 mile run (from the hotel to Sunset Beach, then to the Lighthouse and back with a leg thrown in down Beach Avenue to check out construction of the Convention Center), followed up by brunch at Tisha's. We wrapped up our shopping at Whale's Tale, Madame's Port, the Fudge Kitchen, the Toy Shop and Sensia.

Nice trip. I wish we could have stayed longer, but that was not our pre-Christmas trip this year.

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Kim Murray said...

I'm so jealous of your Cape May trip! Growing up, I spent every summer in Cape May. I took my kids to Cape May when they were babies, but making the trek from Michigan for a week-long beach vacation is no small feat. We've opted to enjoy our beautiful Great Lakes without the hassle of jellyfish and sharks ;) Anyway, I miss it. Cape May is a very special place. Thanks for sharing your stories.