Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Merry Christmas to Me

What an amazing piece of history!

The Cape May Handbook was published in 1977, one year after Cape May was designated a National Historical Landmark District. It showed people how to restore Victorian homes. This book was crucial at the time. The historic designation meant that people couldn't knock the homes down anymore. Instead, they had to be restored, and this book was the guide on how to do that correctly.

It makes me wish I'd been around in Cape May then - for the fight to save the old buildings, and then the work to turn them all around.

Even from a 2011 viewpoint, the photos of some historic buildings as taken in the 1970s in fascinating. Holding the guide that helped people return them to their formal glory is just wonderful.

Two odd things, though:

1. It feels like my old piano books.
2. How the heck did it end up at a used book dealer in New Hampshire?? I'm glad that this dealer though to not only keep the book but list it for sale online. It's a treasure.

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