Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Site of the Day:

AMAZING. is amazing.

This site has taken the archives for Aladdin Color, Inc., which was founded in 1953 as a company that made brochures for motels, car dealerships, amusement parks and more.

The photos from those brochures are on the site, which makes them even better because they're super styled and posed (side note: as far as I know, a nine year old me is still in the Avalon Campground brochure).

The site has pics from around the country, but a chunk of them are from 1950s and 1960s Jersey Shore. You Wildwood fans are going to be VERY pleased.

I've been sharing some of my favorites on my Tumblr page - if you have some time today, take a look through. This one's my favorite so far.

It's probably too late to buy prints as holiday gifts, but I'm booking this one for future presents, and place where I'll go when I'm ready to decorate a new office.

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Ann Delaney said...

We think of the old time bathing suits as more modest- but to me it looks like the man playing shuffleboard is in his underware ;) Great picture.