Monday, November 5, 2007

Another Level of "Done"

I just sent an email to the copy editor assigned to my book. This was not just any email. Attached to it was the Cape May chapter -- the last chapter in my book. Over the last few weeks, I have re-read my book from cover to cover, approving the changes the publisher wanted while also clarifying and correcting anything that need to be clarified and corrected.

This is not the last time I'll see the book before it goes to press, but it's the last time I could make any major changes. So if any more casinos expansions want to catch on fire, restaurants decide to fall into the water, or shore towns opt to use digital beach tags, could you please wait until after my book comes out?

I feel a little sad letting that last chapter go. Right now, I'm sitting in my office with a crick in my neck and an empty feeling all over. It's a lot of information, and I poured, so far, almost a year of my life into creating this book. I guess when I started I never thought ahead to this point, just like when you're 17, you can't imagine what it would be like to be 27. But, sure enough, I'm 27 now, and the book is almost published.

Anyway, this is not something to feel glum about -- it's something to celebrate, so I'm going on a run. While I'm at it, check out my blog for an update on how my "52 books in 52 weeks project" is going. I'm tempted to make my book #7 of 52 since I did read it within the 52 weeks. But I don't think my own work should count!

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