Thursday, November 29, 2007

News from Around the South Jersey Shore

Atlantic City is changing. Big time. Here's a fantastic article from Sunday's Philadelphia Inquirer about all the proposed construction -- much of which does not involve casinos.

The Philadelphia Inquirer checks in with Scott K. Evans, the new mayor of Atlantic City.

Ever go to West Cape May? Now you can see its history in a new painting.

Speaking of Cape May, here's a round up of what's going on with the renovation of Washington Square.

Speaking of Cape May (again) -- it's getting a dog park. Emily will be thrilled.

There's movement on that Strathmere-wants-out-of-Upper-Township story.

Stone Harbor's looking to remdy what the Cape May County Herald calls the "dwindling business district."

The Nature Center of Cape May is having a "yard sale" that runs through Saturday.

The CFO of the Tropicana has resigned. I've read a lot about the Tropicana's woes since this summer -- the Quarter, where I love to go when I'm in town, might be up for sale. It's sad, really, but as long as I can get a mohito at Cuba Libre...

And finally, Van Halen's coming to Atlantic City.

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