Thursday, November 1, 2007

News from Around the South Jersey Shore

Here's a Q&A with Sarah Silverman, who's performing at the Borgata on Saturday night.

This upcoming weekend is also the Sherlock Holmes weekend in Cape May. Yes, Sherlock Holmes weekend. Sleuth to your heart's content.

Studio Six, a legendary gay club in Atlantic City, has closed.

This doesn't look so good -- Harrah's is getting sued.

This summer, I interviewed the woman behind the "Where the Hell is Strathmere" bumper stickers. They've got a new one now -- a car magnet that says "Shhh." Why? Because they want to stay a sleepy shore town. Read the story here.

Ocean City is reporting that it had a great summer. And, no, I am not related the to the person writing this article. Unless my little brother wants to tell me something.

I'm headed down to Atlantic City this afternoon for meetings and maybe a bit of early Christmas shopping. Nothing too crazy last night for Halloween, though my dog had a flying good time:

Gotta love dogs in costume.

What I'm Listening to: Preston and Steve on 93.3 WMMR
What I'm Reading: The First Campaign: Globalization, the Web, and the Race for the White House by Garrett M. Graff

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Anonymous said...

What mix is Emily? I know she's part JRT, but she looks strangely similer to mine but she has broen and mine has black. Please answer back soon.

Jen A. Miller said...

We'll find out soon! We just did a DNA test on her. Should know in 2-3 weeks.