Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Upcakes for the Holidays

I think Upcakes are the shore food item I've mentioned most on this blog. Surprised? I am -- it's not something I grew up loving. But these sweet treats, which are cupcakes iced on three sides instead of one, are so darn good, and the owners of Dixie Picnic (609-399-1999, 19 8th Street, Ocean City), which sells them, have been smart about keeping them on my mind -- and in my mouth -- long after Labor Day.

First: you can get Upcakes at the King of Prussia Mall. My father was out doing a bit of holiday shopping and saw Upcakes, all lined up in a pretty row, for sale in the Plaza section of the mall. What a great idea! If I hadn't done all my shopping online and in Collingswood this year, an Upcake would be a perfect mall shopping break. Even better, the people running the stand seemed to remember who I was, or what this blog was (hi guys!).

Second: you can now order Upcakes and Dixie Picnic Jams for the holidays online and ship them anywhere in the continental U.S. It's a great way to send a bit of the shore to someone far away, or someone who is missing the summer.

If you're not sure about an Upcake purchase just yet, I highly recommend going to the Dixie Picnic website and signing up for their email list. You'll stay updated on everything going on at the shop (how do you think I learned about these great ideas?), and maybe get a coupon or two.

By the way, my picture of an Upcake does it no justice. Better shots are on their wesite.

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Trish Ryan said...

HOW did I live for Philly (and head to The Shore almost every weekend) and NEVER hear of an upcake??? I mean, why does everyone go on and on about the whole cheesesteak thing when there are upcakes to be had???

Dee M said...

I LOVE the Jersey Shore(especially Sea Isle,Avalon and Ocean City) and now am in LOVE with upcakes. I have never heard of them, and then I was shopping at the Plaza(KoP Mall) and walked by the stand and just had to stop. The owner was working and explained the whole concept. I will definitely be stopping by the Orange Store on 8th now!!!!