Wednesday, March 12, 2008

News from Around the South Jersey Shore

Crazy lawsuit time: woman sues casino for her gambling debt.

If for whatever reason some judge finds merit to this lawsuit, at least the Atlantic City casinos could settle out of court. Why? Because Atlantic City casino revenue was up for the first time in 10 months.

Some good news: 2008 shore rentals are off to a great start.

Here's an update on the Tropicana situation.

Will that Atlantic City to New York City rail line ever open? This article says "later this year."

It's the 46th anniversary of the "Storm of 62."

Here's the saga of a scallop ship run aground in Wildwood.

Seems that Borgata addition, which was caught on fire this summer (and was already behind schedule anyway), will open in June.

I was just talking about the rich world of New Jersey wines today. Turns out there's a few wine events going on in Cape May.

Michelle Jeffers interviews Chris Noon of Slippery Band about their annual St. Patty's day show at the The Ocean Drive in Sea Isle City on Saturday starting at 9pm.

I am continually amazed by how many shore real estate people have blogs. Did y'all attend the same convention?

And finally, I have Google Alerts set up for all the South Jersey Shore towns covered in my book. It's extra special when I get anything from "Strathmere" because the town is so small and the news so little. But those hits are usually good ones, like this fun site: Dandelion Vintage. It's run by a Carol Baker, who sells vintage clothes and accessories out of her NJ home. And since she said on a blog that spring arrives "when the trailers start pulling into the park in Strathmere." Fun! And fun site! I think I'm liking this dress.

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