Thursday, March 27, 2008

News from Around the South Jersey Shore

Again?! Atlantic City City Council put a hold on the smoking ban vote. Sigh. Just ban it already.

The Tropicana's tidying up their slots area in hopes of a sale.

Remember all that news about new construction in Atlantic City. The big bad R word (RECESSION) might put a stop on some of that.

Robert Strauss writes about the same thing from a different angle in the New York Times.

But if you happen to be in town this weekend, check out Atlantique City.

One of those "wish I'd been there" moments: wild turkeys in Sea Isle City.

You can check out pictures of Strathmere's beach replenishment here. They come from another blog I've just added to the Shore Blog Roll: Strathmere News and Happenings.

Be careful coming out of the OD this year: Sea Isle's installing 23 cameras around town. My tip: go to the bathroom BEFORE you leave.

Here's a nice round up of a few Jersey Shore Easter parades.

6ABC's Erica Grow took a trip down the shore Easter weekend, too. Does this mean no more shore reports with Adam Joseph? Oh no! Not that I have a problem with Erica. It's just that I'd prefer to look at Adam ;-)

I missed the Ocean City talent show. Rats. I could have perfected my Urusla impersonation.

Now that's a valuable chip: $25,000 on one piece of plastic.

Here's a blog post about a trip to the Borgata.

Buffett's coming to Atlantic City again (August 24). I was at least year's concert. Pretty wild.

Still more on that Ocean City rain forest wood debacle.

Sea Isle's Tri for our Veterans is looking for volunteers. Got two hours to spare? Sign up!

Leah Ingram of the Lean Green Family, a fab blog that you must check out, just wrote a wonderful post about "Saving on a Shore Vacation." Wow, the person she interviewed must be an expert...because it's me ;-)

I'm trying not to get too obsessed with checking my Amazon rankings, but I did click over this morning and saw that my book is now the #58 seller of all travel books about...New England. That's pretty cool! But I might have to see about getting that region changed (there is a Mid Atlantic listing).

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