Thursday, March 13, 2008

Jen A. in Cool Cape May

Back in January, I wrote about what it was like to stand on the top of the Cape May Lighthouse in the middle of the winter (short answer: cold).

The reason I bared arms in 20 degree weather was because Jack Wright, the grand czar at Exit Zero publishing, wanted pictures to go along with an essay I wrote for the 2008 edition of Cool Cape May, a very cool, very beautiful and extraordinarily helpful guide book that is put into most of the hotel, B&B and inn rooms in Cape May (I used the 2006 and 2007 editions for research while writing my shore book).

Well, what did I find in my mail when I got back home from my seven mile run? A copy of Cool Cape May:

And my essay:

I'd already seen the pictures and layout before the book went to press, but it's still pretty cool to flip open to a page (42, to be exact) and see yourself smiling back, even if your nose is as red as Rudolph's. Though I can't complain -- I'm incredibly thankful to Jack for the opportunity to write about my Cape May memories and, of course, give my book a good plug or two. Jack's also helped inject much needed life into my writing, which I wrote about here. He's a marvelous editor and now a good friend.

So where can you get your copy? Cape May, of course. The 2008 version will be out at the end of April, either in your hotel room, at the Exit Zero shop at Congress Hall, or online at

And just for fun (and because who doesn't like a picture of a cute dog on a Thursday afternoon) here's a picture Emily standing guard, protecting me from squirrels, the UPS guy and any kind of breeze that makes a noise:

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Trish Ryan said...

You ran seven miles, then came home to find a book containing a gorgeous picture of yourself next to an essay you wrote AND an adorable dog guarding house & home?

THAT is a great day :)

Abra said...

Sounds fun. Is it all essays on Cape May?

Are you training for a 5K or half marathon? I wonder if there are any races along the Jersey shore.

Jen A. Miller said...
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Jen A. Miller said...

You know, Trish? You're right!

Abra, it's a guide to the town mixed with essays, but mostly guide (e.g. write ups of restaurants and B&Bs and such).

There's TONS of races at the Jersey shore! I'm running the 10 mile portion of the Ocean Drive Marathon on March 30, and hopefully the Broad Street Run in Philadelphia in May. There's a 5k just about every weekend in season. The biggies are the Tim Kerr 7 mile run in August, which covers Avalon and Stone Harbor. There's also a 10 miler in Sea Isle in August, but last year, the temperature at start time was 97 degrees and seven miles of that one is on the sand, so I passed.