Monday, April 7, 2008

Event Update

I am official less than a month away from book publication, which made me realize that I should probably write out an updated list of all my book-related events (that way, I can, um, make sure books are with me at every signing and appearance!)

So here's an updated list of where I'll be, when I'll be there, and why:

May 3 at Sun Rose Words & Music in Ocean City, 10am. This is part of Ocean City's block party, and the *first* place you can buy the book!
May 6 at Haddonfield Borough Hall in Haddonfield, 7:30pm. I'm a guest of the Friends of the Library, and will be reading from the book and talking about the shore. I went to middle and high school in Haddonfield -- remember, free book to the Bulldawg mascot if s/he shows.
May 10 in Manayunk -- this is a maybe. May 10 is their Second Saturday festival, and I'm working out the details to sign at one of the stores.
May 14 in Philadelphia for my book party. Sorry, kids, this is invitation only (I can't pay for ALL of you to drink, but if you want to come, let me know!)
May 19 at the Pop Shop in Collingswood, 7:30pm. I'm sponsoring Trivia Night and will be asking a round of Jersey Shore questions. Lots of fun! (April is also National Grilled Cheese month, and the Pop Shop has added outstanding varieties to their already fab menu -- and they'll be on Bobby Flay's Throwdown on April 13!)
May 21 at the Inlet in Somers Point, 6-8pm. This is a "meet the author" and open to anyone and everyone. If you've never sipped a drink on the deck at the Inlet, it is a must do. Hopefully we'll have nice weather that day.
June 5 at the Barnes & Noble in Marlton, 7:30pm. I'll be speaking about how to write about your own back yard. This is part of Rutgers Camden's excellent Cappuccino Academy series.
June 14 at Robert Jay’s Unforgettables as part of Second Saturday in Collingswood, 7:30pm. Collingswood has a great Second Saturday, and Robert Jay's has a great selection of used books and awesome antiques. He just hung a Max Hedrum banner on the back wall of the store. How cool is that?
June 21 at Harbor Fest in Cape May at the Cape May Nature Center. Details about time still to come, but I think I'll be at noon. June 21 is also the re dedication of the Washington Street mall.

And there's a few more events to come, but still in the early planning stages. When I nail down those dates and times, I will let you know! And if you have any questions about any of the events (or would like to host one!) drop me a line at jenmiller27 [at] gmail [dot] com.

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Abra said...

This is not the Jersey I knew growing up! Who knew there were so many festivals.

I remember racing at Haddonfield - big trees. That's gotta be a great feeling to go back from which you came to sign your book. Congrats again and looking forward to standing in line soon.

Trish Ryan said...

Very cool lineup! And perfect for everyone who can use your book to enhance their summer vacation. Well done!