Thursday, April 24, 2008

News from Around the South Jersey Shore

DING, DONG, SMOKING'S DEAD! Well, sort of. Yesterday, Atlantic City banned smoking on all gambling floors. Casinos are still allowed smoking lounges, but at least it'll keep the smokers and the smoke contained. Yipee! Now, let's hope none of the challenges to the resolution go through.

The Washington Street Mall project in Cape May is almost done. I was there yesterday and can tell you that it looks fantastic.

Here's a nice travel piece
about wine tasting in Cape May. And another thumbs up for the town from a Philadelphia visitor.

Not to make this post all Cape May all the time, but birding season is still in full swing. On the drive from Wildwood Crest to Cape May, I saw a cluster of birders on the side of the road.

And here's a blog post about a birding trip.

Hey, it's my friends at Atlantic City Pet Hotel and Grooming. Great place for your dog if you're going to AC.

The skatepark in Ocean City is closing.

Speaking of AC, the shoe store Aldo has put out something called an "Atlantic City pump." Um...not quite my cup of tea, but, hey, at least it's offered in a lot of colors.

Another new casino project?

New South Jersey Shore Blog Alert: Atlantic City Hotels.

Strathmere's looking good.

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