Thursday, April 3, 2008

News from Around the South Jersey Shore

It's birding time in Cape May. Here's a great article about it from the Philadelphia Inquirer, and a blog response to the article. Feel free to add your dining recommendations in the comments.

And here's a birding migration report if you're on your way to Cape May.

Here's a spring trip to the Jersey Shore. Given that I spent last weekend and yesterday down the shore, and will be going back this afternoon, I have to agree that spring's a great time to go!

Ocean City might be putting restrictions on electronic scrolling signs.

Like to drink and raise money for a good cause? Then you might be interested in this event.

Atlantic City casinos are still down.

But, hey, at least NYU students are being pointed in AC's direction to test out their poker skills.

I hope they know when to hold 'em, know when to fold 'em. If they don't, Kenny Rogers is coming to AC May 23 and 24 and can remind them.

Congrats to Andre, a blogger who ran the Ocean Drive Marathon. His blog report about it is here. For the Cape May County Herald's report on the race, click here.

The weird and wacky thing that is Donald Trump's presence in Atlantic City, as written up in the Times of Trenton.

Here's a South Jersey Shore fishing report.

This looks like a neat show in Cape May.

The situation at the Tropiciana just got a little messier. I love the "Trop Dead" headline.

The dog park's open in Cape May!

ROB ANDREWS IS RUNNING FOR SENATE! This could be the first time we'd get a senator from South Jersey in Washington since, well, before I was born. And that calls for all caps.

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