Friday, April 4, 2008

Subscription Reminder

Scared you're going to miss a post? Then drop your email in the "subscribe" box on your left. You'll be send a little reminder asking you if you really really really really want to sign up to get "Down the Shore with Jen" in your inbox (of course the answer will be yes), and then, around 7am EST on days after I post, you can enjoy a little bit of the Jersey Shore with your morning coffee!

Also, I wrote an article for the Home & Garden section of the Philadelphia Inquirer. It's in today's paper. H&G isn't one of my main freelance writing areas, but I was inspired after I got stuck on the treadmill in front of the HGTV channel. And voila, and article is born.

Off to Atlantic City today. I'm getting waaaay too familiar with the Atlantic City expressway, and it's expensive to drive back and forth. This is why I've decided -- finally -- that I am going to try to get into a shore house this year (for some reason, I didn't think I'd need to be down the shore that much this summer. I must have needed sleep). So if you know of a house that needs a roommate (I'm hoping to jump in where someone dropped out), hit me up at jenmiller27 [at] gmail [dot] com.

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