Monday, September 8, 2008

The #$*& Dentist

Last week when news broke that a dentist was responsible for medical waste washing up in Avalon, NJ, my comment (sent via twitter) is WHAT IS WRONG WITH PEOPLE?

I still feel that way. Why would someone just dump a bag of waste in the water? There's lots of theories popping up: he'd been part of a group that wanted Avalon Manor to become part of Avalon, a move that was denied; he's stressed from his wife's cancer battle.

But it doesn't change the fact that New Jersey beaches will continue to be labeled as dirty because one idiot from PENNSYLVANIA decided to take a joyride in his boat with some needles and cotton swabs as his co-pilot.

Sound angry? That's because I am. I've heard enough jokes about Jersey dirty beaches when, in fact, the beaches I covered in my book are very clean. Stone Harbor's even won an award for what they do to keep everything nice and tidy, and I'd take Avalon over Clearwater, Fla. any day. People complain about beach tag fees, but they do keep most of the beaches clean.


So let's wash away that bitter taste with some more of your shore pictures, shall we? Lisa Clarke forwarded over links to some of hers, so check out Ocean City fun here and here. When you click on the second link, you'll see a picture of a book that says "Welcome to Ocean City." Those Ocean City carousel pictures were taken for the 2009 version of that book.

Got a shore picture from your shore summer that you'd like to share? Send it to jenmiller27 [at] gmail [dot] com.

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WFY said...

Amen. Having gone to college in Pennsyltucky, I heard plenty of disparaging remarks about Jersey. Last time I checked Pennsylvania has exactly zero ocean front. It does have plenty of abandoned strip mines and closed steel mills though. I hope this jerk gets locked up for a long time; Rahway would probably work out okay. After he's out, he ought to spend a couple of summers cleaning the beaches too.

John and Lisa Howard-Fusco said...

Yeah, I hear my share of jokes about dirty beaches in Jersey, and this didn't help things. It's a shame, because when I went to Island Beach State Park this summer, the water was beautifully clear. - John

iconjohn said...

The Jersey shore would be bay front homes along Delaware Bay if it wasn't for PA demand. What this dentist did was wrong but no reason for you to be so divisive. I fail to see you point of making this a State issue. The creep is a creep no matter where he is from. How about the rape in Ocean City a few years back? Where was he from?