Wednesday, September 24, 2008

News from Around the South Jersey Shore

Watch what you say: libel lawsuit from one Wildwood vendor against another.

Speaking of lawsuits, I'm not surprised this one was thrown out.

Given how the markets went haywire, I doubt Pinnacle is going to happen. Well, I doubted it before, but I doubt it more now.

A new Sea Isle amusement pier? Anyone remember the old one? I spent many Saturday nights on that ride with the weird seats that did little more than turn slowly. It was a great ride for little kids -- much nicer than the townhomes that are filled with Ocean Drive fans that are there now. No offense to the OD -- it just draws a different crowd than parents with toddlers. I also had one of my biggest gaffes of my young life on that pier -- when getting into a bumper boat, I missed the boat and stuck my leg in the water. Whoops. And I shall not speak at gaffes from the OD. What happens at the OD stays at the OD.

Follow an Airstream Trailer's trip to Cape May. Wonder if they made it over to the Starlux to see the Airstream trailers there? Though they don't go -- they're swanky rooms to rent.

Houndstooth Gourmet goes to Cape May.

Never though I'd mention Anne Hathaway twice on this blog, but here you go.

Could the Tropicana finally have a buyer?

This is a good question about food in Atlantic City. I recommend White House Sub Shop. But the more interesting part to me -- a Rocky Horror Convention? Apparently, it's happening this weekend at the House of Blues. DANG IT! If I wasn't going to be at Ocean County Bookfest, I'd so be there! I make a pretty good Janet.

More Strathmere pictures from one of those shore bloggers I'd love to meet.

The Ludlam’s Beach Lighthouse is in trouble.

If you try to dodge tolls in NJ, watch out.

Three Wawas closed in Cape May County. And, yes, that is a big deal if it's part of your daily routine. I knew a Wawa was part of mine when I actually got dressed in the morning, er, I mean worked in an office (and I do get dressed in the morning...just in more clothes that don't require a belt).

If you don't get the importance of Wawa, you're probably not from Philadelphia or South Jersey. That's a topic I'll write more about on Saturday since New Jersey: The Movie is screening in Wildwood on Saturday. It's a fun debate.

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John and Lisa Howard-Fusco said...

I agree with White House. We just recently wrote about it on our blog. Love that place. - John

Leah Ingram said...

We went to this Wawa on Route 9 when we were down the shore for my daughter's basketball tournament in Wildwood, which included many games in Cape May Courthouse and the surrounding environs. Why would Wawa close? Wonder if Dunkin Donuts will replace them? Oh, the horror.

Jen A. Miller said...

Leah - They want more Super Wawas e.g. the ones that are more like grocery stores and sell gas. I think it was 2 years ago, they closed a very popular Wawa on Route 9 coming out of Avalon. They're also closing Center City Philadelphia Wawas because they can't sell gas. When Wawa considered opening in Bellmawr, they eventually moved their plans to Runnamede because the Bellmawr site didn't have enough room for a gas station.

I used the Cape May (now closed) Wawa while on vacation, and they were jammed every day -- and this was the off season. They also gave me lunch one day for $1 (sandwich and chips) because it was as closing sale.

As I say in my book, you can usually spot a Wawa down the shore by the traffic jams. Guess not anymore.

ZoeyBella said...

I did the same thing with the bumper boats when I was young... and when I was a teen. The results were pretty funny actually. Wet, but fun.

Anonymous said...

I am loving your blog. I agree White House is the place for subs, or hoogies as we from PA call them. Did you know that Sack Of Subs is also owned by the same family.