Thursday, September 4, 2008

The Last Weekend

I ended my shore season on just about as high a note as possible. I had a wonderful time over my extended Labor Day weekend, and didn't work too much -- promise!

Things kicked off on Thursday when I had my photo taken for next year's Ocean City book, produced by Exit Zero, which I posted about earlier this week. That modeling stuff isn't easy. Don't believe me? You try balancing on a wooden horse in a gold stiletto and red strapless dress and making it look like you're not straining every muscle in your body to make sure you don't fall off. But it was lots of fun, and I'm glad we were able to take the pictures during the summer season.

After all was said and done, I stopped off at Dixie Picnic. Even though they were closed, I still managed to get a dozen upcakes, which were devoured over the course of the weekend.

I didn't get in any beach time, both because of the cool temperatures on Friday and that whole medical waste thing. I did take some pictures in Strathmere, though:

Saturday would have been a nice beach day, too, but I had my final signing of the season at Sun Rose Words and Music in Ocean City:

The ladies were great to me this summer and have already invited me back for Ocean City's fall block party...not sure if I'll be there yet, but if I am, of course I'll write about it here.

Then it was back to my little temporary hideaway at a cabin in Avalon Campground for some relaxing and pool time:

I don't remember what I'm looking at in this picture, but it might have been weird. Still, I haven't frolicked in a pool -- especially in THAT pool -- in quite some time.

Then it was off to dinner at Stumpo's in Cape May after two important stops:

1. Sunset Beach for the ultimate Jersey Shore souvineer, a Cape May diamond necklace:

2. Chat with Jack Wright, publisher of the aforementioned Exit Zero, and show him proofs from Thursday's photo shoot. Exit Zero had quite a weekend -- columnist and author Terry O'Brien was featured on NPR. Congrats, Terry.

I thought I'd be really sad as I headed back home on Sunday, and I had my moments -- one in Marge's Diner in Clermont and one while driving through Haddonfied to my mom's to pick up my dog. But I haven't had that "wow, it's over" smash yet -- could be because I'm going to be down the shore next week for vacation or that I've realized the shore isn't held within the bounds of Memorial Day and Labor Day. Plus, it's been a great summer, and is that something to be sad about? I think not...

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