Thursday, September 4, 2008

Send Your Pictures to Dear Old Jenny Miller

Tired of seeing pictures from my shore trips? Send your own!

Just drop them in an email to me at jenmiller27 [at] gmail [dot] com, and I'll post them on the site.

Here's a few of my favorites from the summer:

Ocean City hermit crab beauty pageant
Tram car without a tram
Meeting the Marples
Book party pictures
Wildwood kite festival
After-storm pictures
My dad's wedding
Behind the scenes for NBC10 (yellow Crocs included)
Trip to the Central Jersey coast
Fresh Jersey strawberries
Ocean City carousel photo shoot
The Doo Dah Parade.

And don't forget -- I'm always looking for vintage shore photos to run on the blog. Click here for examples, though they can be "vintage" if they're from the 1990s -- as long as the fashion matches!

If you don't 'get' the headline to this post, this should help:

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Miss Expatria said...

My favorite Ocean City picture ever!