Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Ocean City Outtakes

On Thursday, I had my photo taken by Marc Steiner of Agency New Jersey for Exit Zero's Ocean City 2009 book. I was in the Cape May book 2008 and, instead of having my picture taken in January at the top of a light house, got a photo shoot in this summer at the carousel at Wonderland Pier. The photo was taken now so I'd look summer-y (and so I wouldn't freeze!)

Here are a few outtakes:

Like the Uggs in the last picture? After an hour on the carousel in those gold stilettos, my feet hurt, so I put the Uggs on until we were ready to do the second set of pictures.

What was the shoot like? Awkward. Not only do you have to look your prettiest while spinning on a carousel for over an hour, but you also have to do while sometimes standing, sometimes sitting, sometimes leaning, sometimes balancing on the ball of one gold heeled foot without looking like you're flexing every muscle in your body to stay on the horse -- all while being gawked at by people wondering why the heck a woman is wearing a strapless red dress and heels on a carousel in 60-something degree temperatures -- and add in that right before I got on the horse, a patron puked so loudly in the trash can near the set up that I could hear splashing.

But props to the crew who worked on the shoot, especially Marc since this was a much more complicated set up than the first shoot we did and he still got me to laugh even though I was N E R V O U S, and especially the Gillian's folks. This was a major inconvenience to them, and they were even willing to shut the ride down on the start of Labor Day weekend (though we didn't have to do that). But they were more than happy to help and seemed to think it was fun.

My only tip? Don't scarf down cheese fries right after you're finished a photo shoot. That did not sit well and made for an uncomfortable car ride home.

You'll be able to see the final pictures next spring.

More about my final shore weekend to come on Thursday. And tomorrow I'll roll the next chapter in the "Down the Shore with Jen" video series! See? Summer's not over quite yet...

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Trish Ryan said...

I love hearing the behind the scenes stuff...well done!

Irene S. Levine, PhD said...

What terrific pictures! You look beautiful~


Johnny Wawa said...

Love the Uggs!