Monday, September 29, 2008

Down the Shore with Jen...sort of

"Central Jersey" is a mythical, mysterious, undefined beast. Like Bigfoot."

This from photographer Justin Gaynor whose work I've linked to on the blog before.

He's right, I think. This was one of the topics of discussion this weekend at the Ocean County Book Festival, where I signed books on Saturday. I say that Toms River is NOT in South Jersey, but others say it's part of South Jersey (and cheered me on for my Phillies devotion).

Anyway, it was a fun book festival, and of course there's pictures. I met two very handsome gentlemen:

I also met some wonderful New Jersey bloggers: John and Lisa of John and Lisa are Eating in South Jersey and Deb of Jersey Bites. One of the best things to come out of this book (and this blog) is meeting so many people I'd have never met before. Thanks, guys, for coming out!

Since I was that far up in the state and that close to the water, I decided to work the weekend in the area. First up? Getting a new camera. If you've noticed, I've had less pictures on the blog as of late. That's because I'm a klutz and dropped my camera. Sad -- I photographed my book with that camera.

But I'm already happy with the new one. I went to the famed B&H Photo Video in New York City and picked up a Canon Powershot SX110 (along with a warranty that will even cover being a klutz). Hopefully I'll last me through the next book (hint hint).

Then it was to work and, before I headed back home, a trip over to Sandy Hook, the most northern beach in New Jersey.

That last picture is of Clementine, a 2-year-old basset hound/something mix. Sandy Hook is dog friendly right now, and Clementine loves the beach. I didn't have Emily with me this weekend...but of course I had to try out the new camera on her when I got home.

It was a fun weekend, but one that spilled over a day (though, hey, spending Monday on the beach isn't such a bad thing). Is Tom's River Central Jersey? What about Sandy Hook? To me, it's all north. Like I've said before on this blog, I think it's all relative. But it's all Jersey.

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heelers said...

Oh Jen. Take me to the drive in and swear that you love me.
James (in Ireland)

Steve said...

Dude, that comment, "Take me to the drive in and swear that you love me" is from the Kentucky Fried Movie. It is so funny because Andrei and Alena were over this weekend and I bought them a ton of drinks to thank them for all their hard work on the film. We watched it after midnight and we were on the floor laughing. The movie hasn't dated well, but still has some great parts. It was followed by "Amazon Women on the Moon." Whatever happened to clip movies like these?

Geoff DiMasi said...

Sandy Hook is definitely Central Jersey in my mind.

Toms River... hmm... that is where the line blurs, but probably more Central than South, but still a lot of South Jersey influence.

People have been known to be Eagles fans there.

Steve said...

"People have been known to be Eagles fans there."

You'd have a better chance see the bird itself there than a jersey or fan under the age of 60.

Keeper of The Chaos said...

Toms River is southern central Jersey, it is NOT south Jersey, I repeat, not south Jersey. Sandy Hook (and close to where I was born and raised) is central Jersey for 'shore.' IMO, south Jersey starts once you hit 609.. which Toms River is not!! Hmm, but then I may consider Bayville to be the beginning of south Jersey. We still commute to NYC to work from here. Anywhere south of here, you probably wouldn't. Those areas would be where I would put the line of demarcation between the North and the South.

That said, all of our family from Middltown and above, all say we live in south Jersey. So who knows!!