Monday, November 3, 2008


On Friday night, I headed down to Cape May for the Phantom Ball. That's me as Betty Draper from the TV show Mad Men (or Jackie O or 50s housewife or "Pretty Woman," as I was called throughout the evening). Marc Steiner of Agency New Jersey did a wonderful photo series of the attendees. They're a scream (some literally!)

I made quite a 'mad' dash to get there on time after the World Series. I was on the phone while doing my makeup, my headset resting among the curlers that got my hair that way. Funny stuff, great time.

Want to see the winners? Here you go:

Best Couple
Best Group
Sexiest Male (on the left)
Sexiest Female
Best Costume

The tattoos in that last costume were perfet -- PERFECT!

Marc also did a series from a party on Saturday night. Even though it wasn't at the South Jersey shore, they're still funny and worth clicking through.

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