Sunday, November 9, 2008

By Request

A "Down the Shore with Jen" reader had to put down his mother's dog this week and requested a few pictures of Emily on the blog as a way to heal what ails him. I'm happy, of course, to oblige:

I'm thinking of taking Emily down to Cape May on Friday, just for a day trip and to talk a chilly walk on the beach. I have a very grueling schedule this week, followed by an even denser one the following week. But on Friday, if I have time, I might just put Emily into her fancy new collar and bring her down the shore. We'll see.

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CRCHAIR said...

Thanks for the pictures. Emily is cute as ever.

Bridget said...

Emily is too cute. Rooney is sitting on my lap barking into my face, so I think that means he has a puppy crush. Or he's just really annoying. Either way.