Thursday, November 6, 2008

News from Around the South Jersey Shore

...and we're back. Took a bit of a break from the blog to recover from the World Series, and election and get moving on a chunk of assignments due next week. Thank y'all for your patience (and, Bill, for the nudge to get back at it!)

So the news:

Remember when MGM made a big, splashy announcement about a big, splashy casino they were bring to AC? Forget it -- it's no more.

Strathmere's new rock wall is underway. I wonder, though, how long we can stop the ocean from doing what it's supposed to do. The shore towns are, for the most part, on barrier islands that protect the TRUE coast, which is that marshland you drive over into town. And since jetties prevent the natural movement of sand...well, Wildwood's beach is evidence of where all the sand is going.

This isn't exactly news to me, but it's funny: they've got skunks in Avalon and Stone Harbor. I saw/heard/smelled them a lot in Avalon Campground and, in one unfortunate incident, found the head of a shunk in the middle of the road. They're cute, but, yes, stinky.

Bruce Seldon of Atlantic City says he's still fit to fight.

Celebrities in Cape May. Er, that would be birding celebrities.

Cape May County plans to crack down on gang activity. Yes, there is gang activity down the shore.

More bad news: Harrah's cuts jobs. **UPDATE** Borgata laid off 400.

Atlantic City elected a new mayor...sort of.

Cape May voted to finance the construction of a new Convention hall, and West Cape May voted to add two new liquor licenses.

Keep it down, will ya? November 14 is Ocean City's annual Quiet Day.

Ocean City has also added solar power to the mix, guaranteeing that summer rays will do more than give me sunburn.

The Press of Atlantic City will cost you an additional quarter a day.

See? I told you Cape May's fun in the off season. I did!

So get yourself down there ASAP -- and make sure you check out Lady Day at Emmerson's Bar & Grill while you're there.

If you were at Friday's Phantom Ball, you can now get your pictures .

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localocean said...

So much to read, too bad Jack's looking over my shoulder... "Read Jen Miller at home!"

Jen A. Miller said...

I'm sure Jack would also be yelling at me if he was over my shoulder -- stop blogging! Write about the carousel!