Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Shore Shopping

I'm going to put together a shore holiday shopping guide. Now, I know my usual haunts (Flying Fish Studio, Wave One and, for variety, Pier Shops at Caesars, but I want to hear from you. Where do you consider must-stop shore shops? Or shore-themed gifts (e.g. do you buy someone a gift certificate for a B&B in Cape May? Those sorts of things).

Don't throw things at me, but I'm actually done my shopping. I start at August sidewalk sales (hit both Stone Harbor and Haddonfield this year) and when I see something, I buy it. Trips to Italy and Tampa helped that along, too, since they presented "get it now or you'll never get it" opportunities. I even bought myself something (cheesy, I know). How cool are these?

Of course, a book always makes a great gift. Especially if you can get it signed by the author ;-)

So where do you recommend people go?

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