Tuesday, December 1, 2009

News from Around the South Jersey Shore

Al Alberts, who sang "On the Way to Cape May," has died.

Discount beach tags!

Lenders are ready to take over Resorts.

Get your boat off my lawn...er, off my street!

This lady wants a better price if Revel wants her home.

Hey hey! You can pay for parking at the Atlantic City airport with EZPass!

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1 comment:

Hampton said...

RIP, Al.

Though your tv show was incredibly lame, I rarely missed it when I was six. I am convinced that you yourself were wearing the snowman suit and did the voiceovers for the ads of your sponsor, Frostie Acres frozen foods.

Anyone else remember his location shoots from Hershey Park? It was the closest I ever got to the Super Duper Looper.