Thursday, December 31, 2009

Hangover for your Atlantic City Hangover

January 1 is National Hangover day. In honor of this momentous event, Caesar's is showing The Hangover on January 1 for free at 7pm. Well, it's more DVD release party than screening with food and drink specials, including bites from the restaurant Mia, but if you're out until 4 or 5 am, sitting and watching might be all you can do. Goodness knows I've gotten sucked into AC nightlife before. It can be a doozie.

I hope not to have a hangover on January 1. My training schedule calls for a 3 mile run that day, and I'm going to join Joy Manning in her pledge for a booze free January. Well, almost. I go on vacation at the end of January. Drinks with funny umbrellas in them are a must.

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