Sunday, December 13, 2009

Summer Shades

It's never too early to think spring, especially when it's dirt cold and raining outside.

I picked up these shades from 1918 Vintage right after Thanksgiving. I've been looking for this style of glasses without the Ray Ban price tag, so this vintage pair is perfect -- right style, right price.

Why for Shore 2010? The lenses are super dark, so they're appropriate for extra bright days which, yes, we can have in winter, but they're really made for summer. I don't live and die by the "white only after Memorial Day" only rule, but the white color makes them feel right for warmer months.

There's something about vintage that reminds me of the shore, too. Maybe it's all the writing I've done about Wildwood in the 1950s, or maybe it's how much time I spend on I saw a lot of throw back '80s gear on the yuppie crowd this summer, but it didn't feel right. So I'll go with these.

I'll also be bringing these glasses (along with my running gear -- I start marathon training on Dec. 27) with me to St. Pete Beach at the end of January, which will not only be warm but has a very mid-century modern feel as well.

Anything you're already tracking for Summer 2010, fashion wise?

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