Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Well, Thank You

This week, the WhyGo Family Travel website gave a nice shout out to this blog and named it as a great resource for travel in New Jersey. But the author pointed out that she lists my blog over a New Jersey Tourism site because she had a hard time finding one: 

"In the absence of much of any official tourism presence (which seems odd, given the very competitive Mid-Atlantic tourism market) I offer you Down the Shore with Jen, an excellent blog written by Jersey Shore guidebook author Jen A. Miller."

That speaks volumes for how state tourism is doing these days (yes, it's an issue I've harped on recently). How can New Jersey be so far behind and so clueless? I've privately said that the South Jersey tourism and the Atlantic City Convention and Visitors Authority folks have it together when it comes to promotion, but the state does not. I don't think combining the Secretary of State job with Lieutenant Governor is going to help, either. I fear that tourism is going to become a side gig of someone who will have a lot of responsibilities already. Tourism creates jobs and brings money into the state. Can we afford to shove it aside?

I'll have a lot to say at the Governor's Conference on Tourism in April (yes, they did invite me to moderate a panel...baw haw haw).

But thank you to WhyGo Family!

NOTE: I don't know why the fonts are wonky. Blogger made some changes recently, which could be why. Hopefully all will be back to normal with the next post.

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John and Lisa Howard-Fusco said...

Kudos to you. A well-deserved mention. - John

Sheila Scarborough said...

Hi Jen,

Happy to mention you, but indeed frustrated by such a poor online presence by NJ state tourism.

In contrast, I've already been in touch with New Hampshire state tourism on both Twitter (@VisitNH)and their Facebook Fan Page for the next post in my 50 state series.

In doing this series and my own work as a consultant in this area, I've learned some surprising things about who "gets it" and who doesn't. The "big" cities and states aren't usually the stars; it's places like Ohio, Wyoming, Iowa, Fargo/Moorhead, Seattle, Galena IL, Beaumont TX and others who are carving an impressive path.

New Jersey has some wonderful places and events and a "turnpike" reputation that they want to overcome. So, to paraphrase the Aussie tourism folks, "Where the bloody hell are you [online?]" :)

Margaret said...

I'm from NJ, but lived in New Orleans for many years. It's all about tourism in Southeast Louisiana. I don't understand why the state doesn't push it more, because we've got so much natural beauty, and cultural opportunities. And the beaches, oh the beaches.