Thursday, June 10, 2010

News from around the South Jersey Shore

Newsweek published a big piece about why gambling's taken a hit in NJ.

I don't get why this is a secret beach. Strathmere or Higbee beach, maybe...

Careful out there.

Peter Max is back.

Wildwood, you are going in the WRONG DIRECTION. What are you thinking?!

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Ann Delaney said...

The AOL article combined Stone Harbor Point (the secret beach) with the town of Stone Harbor. It was good PR for the shopping area and beaches, but left the reader confused about the "secret" part. The locals know that the point - accessed from a path off the 123rd Street parking lot- is a natural beach perfect for bird watching, sea glass & shell collecting, and a long walk at low tide...almost to North Wildwood :)

SHore-ehz said...

Wildwood Bars until 4am is ridiculous. Its a lazy way to attract more money. Live music acts and day specials would do much better.