Wednesday, June 30, 2010

News from Around the South Jersey Shore

Don't try it with the fake IDs, kids.

Sea Isle's got a farmer's market on Tuesdays.

Bless Jack Wright of Exit Zero for sticking with the convention hall issue in Cape May. I'd have bored me to tears. In fact, it already has - and I'm just reading about it.

Putt putt! Side note: my dad and younger brother (who is out the hospital, thank God) nicknamed my high school boyfriend "Putt Putt" because he played golf - all state, if I remember right. But he was never very good a mini golf. Go figure.

The New York Post offers up their Atlantic City recommendations.

Nature Center of Cape May has a new exhibit.

Sure you want to put bars on the boardwalk and extend bar hours, Wildwood?

I want to go to there. I do. I really do.

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cschneider said...

Love the 30 Rock reference.

Shore-ehz said...

I agree that the 4am bar closing time and bars on the boardwalk is a poor idea, but the Ship-N-Shore Bar really is the dregs and after one gaze at it one wonders why it even has a liquor license. Its on a block with all condos and looks like a strong breeze would take it into the bay, alcohol and all. This bar is not an indication of WW and is an insult to all dive bars. A good example of Bars on the Boardwalk being a really bad idea is to look at Seaside Heights. Ugh.

Shore-Ehz said...

I will also comment on the fake ID article: Dennis Miller once said we dont need age requirments in society; we need intelligence requirements. I had fake ID when I was 19 and used it to get into bars for the sole reason of meeting girls, who were my age and were in the bars also using fake ID's. The funds needed to get hammered in a bar were beyond my reach, and it was crazy to me to pay 2 bucks a beer when a case was 50 cents per bottle or less anyway. With that being said, I'm for the strictness, but realize where there are bars there will always be underrage drinking and people trying to get it. DUI is a bigger issue. North Wildwood should allow more cab services so people aren't even tempted to drive drunk or buzzed. Getting a cab off of the island is an exercise in futility. Any comments?

Jen A. Miller said...

Shore-ehz - I agree with you that not enough taxis is a problem...pretty much everywhere along the shore outside of Atlantic City. But I can't condone having a fake ID. It's illegal and a felony - just wanted to give my readers my take on it.