Friday, June 25, 2010

News from Around the South Jersey Shore

Big bus crash on the Atlantic City Expressway. These busses scare the crud out of me - be careful if you see one.

New show coming to Cape May Stage.

Birders will be happy about this osprey project.

Out of typical blog coverage range but I'll share it anyway: I wrote a short piece about a house up for auction in Monmouth Beach on Sunday. Got about $3 million in cash to spend? Might be for you.

Sounds like an obvious thing to say: DON'T CAR SURF.



Film series coming to Atlantic City.

Interesting bit here - the headline is "3 portfolio managers drop anchor at Stone Harbor." The Stone Harbor referenced is Stone Harbor Investment Properties, based in Manhattan. Methinks the headline writer is a Jersey Shore fan!

I could make a joke about this, but I'm tired - write your own.

Tired because my brother has been in the hospital since Sunday - he had his appendix removed and is having complications. Any good thoughts/karma/juju you could send his way would be much appreciated.

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