Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Almost Ocean Drive Time

On Sunday, I'm running the Ocean Drive 10 miler for the fourth year in a row despite what happened last year.

As such, I'm getting obsessive about the weekend weather. This does not look good:

This morning, the little Sunday icon included showers. After hot and humid, there are no worse running conditions than 41 and raining.

I'm not being competitive this year. I am still recovering from an injury and haven't been able to train like I used to. But: I will get out there, and cross the finish line.

I'm curious about the race being sold out, as the website says. This thing NEVER sells out. Either a lot of people found out about it recently, or they capped entries at a very low number. One of the reasons I like the race and am running it again is because it is not crowded. When I do Broad Street in May, I'll be running with 29,999 other people. I can't imagine that many people mobbing the Ocean Drive starting line - which would be a mess because this race does not do chip timing.

This weekend is also Cape May's Singer Songwriter weekend if that's your thing. It would be mine but I don't know when I'll get into Cape May on Saturday, and when I do, I will look forward to carb loading first.

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