Thursday, March 31, 2011

News from Around the South Jersey Shore

Resorts allegedly fires older cocktail waitress who were deemed not good looking enough in new, skimpy 1920s themed uniforms. Yeah, THAT'LL end well.

The casinos are about to face compliance checks that they're ADA compliant. Really? The casinos rely on seniors in wheelchairs playing slots for money. When I first toured Resorts, the PR guy boasted that there are no stairs between their bus depot and the casino floor to accommodate older gamblers. Sheesh.

Big rodeo in Atlantic City this weekend. Of course people are protesting.

Cape May-Lewes Ferry is adding a fuel surcharge.

Firefighters deliver baby in Wildwood.

First, it was pizza boxes. Now coloring books. What's next? A beach ball?

Apparently I missed Sea Isle City Girl's Weekend. Who knew? Also, there's apparently a website called Scratching my head over that one. In a slip of an island with many million dollar plus homes...what needs revitalizing?

Behold! The Colonial Mills Ridgevale Stone Harbor Chair Pad, available at Walmart. No, this isn't really shore related. But neither was this.

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