Wednesday, March 23, 2011

News from Around the South Jersey Shore

Lucy's getting a new tail!

Surprise surprise: once again, Gov. Christie skips out on the GOVERNOR'S Conference on Tourism. I already ranted once this week. Don't have another one in me.

Do it for the turtles: like this group on Facebook.

Not to knock Stone Harbor, but isn't mid-March a little late for a polar plunge?

Revel in Atlantic City is moving along.

A little out of my blog range, but it's too funny not to share: it's no longer illegal to build sand castles in Belmar. Phew. I was worried.

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caite said...

where do you draw the line between North and South in your mind?
I grew up in North Jersey and I think that effects where the line is for me.

Jen A. Miller said...

Caite - Oh what a question. Have you seen New Jersey: The Movie?

For the shore, it's Atlantic City south. It fits regionally as where Philadelphians go and have always gone.

caite said...

no, I have not but i will have to check it out.
When I grew Newark...we consider anything south of the Big Bridge south. Seaside Heights was south, the Atlantic Highlands were south..we were north and everything else was south. But now you have to consider Central.

Now, I live in Atlantic county and would consider anything south of Toms River south..I think.
Atlantic City? What about Brigantine then? Is that north?

Jen A. Miller said...

Caite - Brigantine is included in that (and it's in the book). I mentally count it as part of AC since it's in that chapter of the book!

It really is relative, and if you take out the map and try to draw a straight line, you will most likely be unable to! It's a diagonal.

Margaret said...

Caite - I grew up in Monmouth County, and we too considered the Driscoll Bridge to be the dividing line between south and north Jersey. But you weren't REALLY in south Jersey until your area code was 609!

Jen - I agree, spring is a little late for the polar plunge. But it's snowing outside right now - did they know something the rest of us didn't?

Jen A. Miller said...

Margaret - And that's not even the case anymore. When I was a kid, our 609 converted into an 856!

And, to the point: I never even knew what the Driscoll Bridge was until 2008. Not South Jersey........................ ;-)