Monday, June 30, 2008

Big Week for the Jersey Shore

The week of the fourth of July is typically a very busy week at the Jersey Shore. A lot of folks take extra time off, which I can imagine is the case this year consider July 4 is on a Friday. I expect this weekend to be jam packed (which means people will show up for my signing at the Woodland Village in Clermont at 1pm on Saturday, right??)

And with that, I'm taking the rest of the week off. As much as I love the shore and talking about my book to whoever will listen, I'm a bit tired. I still plan on posting a news update and "your shore weekend," but tomorrow I'm going to be a complete shoobie and go down the shore to sit on the beach.

Which one? You'll never know ;-) Well, until I get back at least!

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Trish Ryan said...

Happy Week off! Sort of your own Independence Day :)

Moving Forward Rentals said...

Enjoy your day to relax!!!

Your book just came in from Amazon. Can't wait to check it out (with a highlighter for things I must do). I will be sharing this with our customers during their brief wait for the next Segway Tour.

Also, check out your link on our blog ( Those that read my blog will love to know what is going on "down the shore". I am always trying to add value for my clients! Thanks for the help.

Thanks for the connection too.