Thursday, June 19, 2008

News from Around the South Jersey Shore

The big news lately was that part of the Wildwood boardwalk caught on fire. It made for pretty dramatic photos, but in the end, only two rides on one pier were destroyed.

I like this program: the "Angels" keep people from getting parking tickets in Cape May. I'm a "park at a free spot and walk" kind of gal, though that's becoming more difficult as the summer progresses.

Here's an update on how birding is going down the shore.

Check out this very cool night shot of Sea Isle City.

Lots and lots and lots of beach photos on this blog. Oh, and here, too.

This person's looking for a lunch spot in Cape May. I've weighed in. Will you?

The Atlantic City Convention Center is now home to one big solar array.

Folks in Strathmere criticize response time of state troopers. It's part of their argument to split from Upper Township -- if they did that, they could get quicker response from Sea Isle City police. My take on this issue is: the day after my junior prom, we all packed up our cars and headed to Strathmere. Why? Because they could put kegs in the sand, and drink without worrying about cops. And, yes, I say they. I was there, but did not drink (mom and dad, aren't you so proud of me?)

Congrats again to Matt and the Tri for our Veterans group. The triathlon helped them to give the Injured Marine Semper Fi Fund the largest donation they've ever received (and that's just the half of it).

And if you're going to be in Cape May this weekend, make sure to enjoy the festivities of Harbor Fest, which will be all over town. I'll be talking at the Nature Center of Cape May at noon. For an hour. They have me down for one hour. I'm open to anyone's suggestions of what I should talk about...

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John and Lisa Howard-Fusco said...

Talk about the history of nature...from the very beginning. That's at least an hour's worth of material right there. ;)