Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Sweet Strawberries

Rick Nichols of the Philadelphia Inquirer wrote a great piece about Jersey strawberries, specifically Jersey strawberries from Bertuzzi's Farm. Click here to read it.

Bertuzzi's is the place we would always stop whenever we took the backroads down the shore. My mom stocked up on whatever was fresh at the time. I still remember getting a basket full of peaches -- each peach was bigger than my fist. They made anything you buy at the supermarket look lame.

Funny note about the backroads: last summer, I had no choice but to head down the shore on a Saturday in season, which usually means high traffic. So I called both my parents to ask for the backroads directions. Both said "I don't know." What did they mean they didn't know? "I just drive them." I've found that to be the case for a lot of people who have been driving those backroads forever. They don't exactly know what they are, but that they get them there -- and include a stop at Bertuzzi's, of course.

So do you have a favorite backroads route that you CAN describe? Or a favorite shore farmer's stand (the strawberries picture above are from Clinton Conover on Route 9 in Clermont)? Hit up the comments!

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RBB_Blog said...

Like you, I asked my dad years ago, once we started going back to The Shore, and he did not know the roads, just "the way". Turns out that's all you really need as I recognized "the way" myself on that first trip. Since then, I have made a note of what the roads actually are.

It's a little drive, but this is how I go: I-44 to I-70 to I-76 to I-476 (Blue Route) to I-95 to 322 over the Commodore Barry to 55 to 47 to 347 to 47 (again) to 83 to 9 to "4 miles to Avalon."


Bonnie Cranmer said...

We lived in Cheltenham & did weekends on LBI. My mom's favorite way took us through Mt Laurel past the Farmer's Market/Farm there then through Chatsworth, I think?!? Out onto Rt 72 then over the bridge, yeah! I can smell the salt air now...

John and Lisa Howard-Fusco said...

Lisa and Julian went strawberry picking last week at Silverton Farm in Toms River. So yummy, and I'm not even a big strawberry eater. She posted her little trip on the blog.

BTW - Congrats on the new website gig and being Woman of the Week. I hope you get free stuff for that honor. ;)

kcav said...

I'm from Washington Twp, so it was a little easier for us. RT 555 to 557, to 50, to Rt. 9. Its great ride. Hope to one day ride my bike all the way down to Avalon by following that route.


beautiful strawberries. Makes me want to eat some right now.