Thursday, June 12, 2008

News from Around the South Jersey Shore

Slight jump in taxes in Wildwood?

Here's a nice article about the 60th anniversary of the Wildwood tram car -- with a picture of the voice behind "Watch the Tram Car"!

The Atlantic City International Airport is opening a new parking garage tomorrow. I flew out of AC quite a bit when I was in college (Spirit had a direct flight to Tampa), and parking was always an adventure. Free back then, too.

Hey, how come I wasn't invited to the Hard Hat preview of the Chelsea?

This might work for that patch of open land in Stone Harbor.

Speaking of Stone Harbor, here's pictures from one family's Stone Harbor vacation.

Here's a neat video about Cape May County wines.

Another video, this time of the new Waterfront Tower at Harrah's (where I'll be staying for the next two days).

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