Tuesday, June 3, 2008

The Sorta Season

I was in Berlin, NJ for a wedding this weekend so didn't make it down the shore, but reports came back that the crowds were like.

For all the hub bub that people make about May, June is the lights of the shore's summer months. A lot of kids are still in school, and folks stay close to home for events like Father's Day and the Bike Race. Plus, the weather's still iffy. Last weekend, we went from tornado warnings on Saturday to clear skies Sunday. This weekend will feel like August.

That's why June's a bargain month, because as soon as Fourth of July hits, the price jump and stay up all the way through Labor Day.

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ZoeyBella said...

While not always 'on the shore', RoomSaver.com does have a few clip n' save deals for some Atlantic City area hotels and motels.

Not a bad deal if you're willing to drive a bit to enjoy the Jersey Shore ;)

And most of their prices are locked in for the summer months which is a good thing.