Thursday, June 26, 2008

News from Around the South Jersey Shore

Farmer's market time in Ocean City! It takes place on Wednesday mornings at the Ocean City Tabernacle.

Speak of Ocean City, the boardwalk's having issues. And if you really like Ocean City, remember -- I did a video about the town!

Gotta love small town politics, especially when the cops are called.

You go mom! A woman catches a flasher in Ocean City with her cell phone.

Not only does this blog post have Jersey shore pictures, but it also has a great Phillies fan shot.

It's dolphin time at the Jersey Shore! Not many people realize that dolphins vacation at the shore, too. I've been in the water in Avalon and a foot away from dolphins. You can also take a whale watching trip to see the school frolic. Good times.

This is sad: two deadly plane crashes recently at the shore.

A sobering reminder that Atlantic City is not all fun and games: two teens shot and killed.

If you've never been to Corson's Inlet, go.

Here's a report and pictures from Wildwood's motocross event.

I have mixed feelings looking at this post. On one hand, it looks like SO MUCH FUN. On the other hand...I haven't been on the beach yet this summer. Sigh.

These pics are cute, too.

Here's an interesting article about the greening of surf boards.

Cape May's not the only beach town for weddings. Here's pictures from a Stone Harbor wedding.

And finally...I was NOT on CN8 today as previously posted. The interview has been rescheduled.

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Trish Ryan said...

I'm hoping to make it up to Maine to the beach next weekend, and your posts are making me crave some time time in the sun & surf BAD!