Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Good Eats: Green Cuisine

I'm a big fan of shore foods, but they can pack quite an icky health punch (you don't want to know how much high fructose corn syrup's in salt water taffy -- really). As proof of how good/bad shore food is, I gained 10 pounds while researching my book last year.

So I made of point of picking out the healthy places you can go while at the shore. My favorite is Green Cuisine in Stone Harbor. It's an in-season spot only, and the food is amazing. The Greek Pita is the perfect balance of all those healthy carbs, veggies, protein and fats you need, plus it's service with fruit. I can't remember how many times I ate there last summer, trying to undo damage from boardwalk food. I was there the weekend it opened this year too.

I also really like the health food market on Route 9 in Clermont between Avalon and Sea Isle. They sell fresh Karen & Rei bread, but I can't for the life of me remember the name of the store. Anyone?

Also, Dixie Picnic upcakes might look like they're bad for you, but they're not (when eaten in moderation). I can see why the owner was puzzled about why they were named a junk food. There's nothing junky in them -- just good sweet stuff.

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Sheila said...

I'll be in the Ocean Grove area visiting my mom in August, so if you have any healthy recommendations, let me know. I already see lots of Nagle's ice cream and Freeman's baked goods in my future, but I'd love some balance ...


Jen A. Miller said...

Up that way, I really liked Market in the Middle. They have a few eateries in the area: http://www.kitschens.com/

noodlebang said...

Know it's a bit late but the Twisted Tree on Cookman Ave. in Asbury Park is wonderful. Healthy and delicious! Plenty of vegan options. (Right down the road from market in the middle too)