Monday, July 7, 2008

I Like the Nightlife

Over the last few weeks, I've jumped into the nightlife scene of the South Jersey Shore (which could explain why I've been missing chunks of sleep as of late). I'm not too much of a partier, but, hey, when in Rome...

So here's my round up of nightlife spots I've check out, starting in Atlantic City and going south:

The Beach Bar at Trump Plaza. Atlantic City's got a beach, so of course there should be bars on it. The amazing thing about the Beach Bar is how different the crowds can be on two different nights: the Friday crowd is, on average, 15 to 20 years older than the Saturday crowd, with matching music (KC and the Sunshine band is good about once a summer, FYI). Could be because Saturday nights are packed with bachelor and bachelorette parties, which gives the whole place a festive vibe. I always said if I were a single guy, I'd hang where the bachelorette parties are. My tip: Do not, under any circumstances, wear stilettos. I kept getting my shoes stuck in the boardwalk slats. A bum laughed at me, as he should have.

Providence at the Tropicana. I was there late night after the Beach Bar, and it was mobbed. Lots of girls dancing in cages, and people imitating the dance moves on the floor. Big meat market, too, but fun to watch. My tip: Friends don't let friends get bottle service, especially at 3am.

Tomatoes. The sushi here is amazing. It might not seem like a beach bar, but my friends were doing saki bombs at the dinner table and bar. Follow it up with a night at Maynard's down the street, and you've got quite a night set up for you.

Ocean City. Just kidding. It's a dry town ;-)

The Princeton. This place never changes -- loud music, expensive beers, and where everyone goes by the end of the night. That's why I have a love/hate relationship with the place. I think texting has changed the vibe. Lots of people staring at their phones trying to meet up with people (and sometimes when they probably shouldn't be)! My tip: Ladies, wear closed toe shoes. Otherwise, you'll end up with gunk all over your feet. Also, the Circle Tavern portion is a good lunch spot in the winter.

Brown Room/Boiler Room at Congress Hall. I haven't been down to these wonderful Cape May bars in season, but if the crowds in May are any indication, they're still bumping. The Brown Room is a chill, vintage 20s setting for drinks and conversation with an occasional band. The Boiler Room, which used to be where the boiler was, has great jazz on Saturday nights.

This is by no means a comprehensive list, just where I've been hanging out of late. I still want to get down to the Princeton when they do live karaoke (e.g. you sing karaoke but with a backup band); wing night at the Winddrift; and maybe, if someone can drag me out, the No Shower Happy Hour at the OD in Sea Isle -- all in the name of research, of course!

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